What I’m doing now

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Updated 12th May 2023, from my home in Gloucestershire, UK.

Levelling up my personal knowledge to understand more around finance

With every career move and new project that I get involved with, I utlise my skillset at that moment in time while following my curiosity into an area of knowledge that I am not comfortable with. This has lead to working on some great products and new business proposals over the years. I am now leading a project to generate a business plan underpinned with a suitable product line. From being involved in investor calls, this detail is essential for them to justify how much to fund with and the potential upside.

As the finances underpin the application of the plan I am creating and seeing the types of investors that are involved, I am now looking into private equity in more detail and financial modelling that supports this.

Looking at how best to deploy capital for maximum impact

It was previously an ambition of mine to use my engineering professional knowledge to start a new venture in automotive technology however I am currently researching how best to deploy capital to purchase an existing company where possible.

I'm taking my learnings from my interactions with the finance world and business planning to understand how this can be utilised to support local small businesses and use the tools available to grow revenue and profits.

Building a bottom up technology stack that supports my future plans

Taking inspiration from home server set ups and wanting to understand more around PC technology in general, I have recently improved my touchtyping, learnt HTML and Javascript with the intent to build more technology stack items. I have also purchased an SSD to replace the aging HDD in my laptop and installed Ubuntu to learn a new operating system and commmand line prompts. I have recently set up my own virtual private server running OpenBSD and have started to move items off of Google Cloud!


With time management being a focus and making sure my intent for each part of my day is set, I am really making the most of spending time with my wife and young daughter.

I was previously too easily distracted by technology and social media and am now making an active effort to be present in each interaction I have with a family member. I make the most of being with my young daughter everyday. Savour every minute when they're young.