What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

Updated 5th April 2024, from my home in Gloucestershire, UK.

Three key areas that I am focussing on right now are time & focus efficiency, potential routes to business equity ownership and creating an online presence.

1. Time & focus efficiency

With the demands of the family, work and chipping away at my fitness goals, I am mindful of how I spend my time through my day to ensure I get the critical items done on each priority. I've recently unsubscribed from all newsletter emails and removed all social media from my phone which has noticeably improved my focus knowing that I can't easily check my phone or inbox for a distraction

2. Routes to business equity

As is with probably quite a few poeple these days, I had visions of creating or joining a start up which I could help grow in revenue and leave a positive impact in the industry. As I've got older and more time has passed, I have become more aware of ownership of an existing business through a leveraged buyout. I'm finding this space really interesting with lots of useful knowledge and a thriving community here in the UK which I'm starting to reach out to in an effort to see if this could be a financial option.

I'm taking my learnings from my interactions with the finance world and business planning to understand how this can be utilised to support local small businesses and use the tools available to grow revenue and profits.

3. Creating an online presence

After successfully becoming self hosted with my own virtual server, website and personal email, I am now looking at ways to grow '1000 true fans' through various ways to get attention online such as writing twitter threads and starting an email newsletter. I feel late to the party on this one, but think my career experience and automotive interest could provide a good read for a small group of individuals.